FAQs & About The Masks

How do I care for my masks?

For care instructions see this link.


What size should I order?

If you're an adult female, go for adult medium - the fit is absolutely true to size. The adult large tends to fit men better.

The child size suits a 5-9 year old and toddler size suits a 3-4 year old.

Adult Mask - 5x5 inches

Adult L Mask 5.5x5.5 inches

Child Mask - 4.5x4.5 inches

Toddler Mask - 4x4 inches


How do I get free shipping?

Shipping is free for all orders over 24 euros if shipping to Ireland or over 30 euros if shipping internationally.


Where is my order?

  • If your order has been dispatched already and you're in Ireland, please allow up to 7 business days to receive it as An Post is totally backed up with parcels right now due to the lockdown rush.
  • If your order has been dispatched already and you're based internationally, please allow up to 3 weeks to receive it as all post internationally are totally backed up with parcels right now due to the lockdown rush.


When will my order dispatch?

  • In 7-8 business days from the day you order.
  • If your order has not been dispatched yet and your dispatch by date has already passed, please be advised that all masks are made to order by me alone and I'm working as hard and as fast as I can to get your masks. I do experience intermittent backlogs depending on how many were ordered on the same day as you. I would never sacrifice the quality of my work for speed, so please bear with me while I make your masks perfectly, as fast as possible!


Refunds + Returns 

Due to the fact that face masks are sanitary items, I can't accept any returns for refunds. However, do let me know if there is a problem with your order and I'll absolutely sort it out for you.


Here is some information about how the masks are made:

  • They include a filter pocket, a nose wire and are made from 100% cotton. Most cloth masks do not include a filter pocket and nose wire but I see a huge benefit to having these features. The nose wire is absolutely key to creating a seal that really helps block the virus from getting in or out of your mask, helps reduce glasses fogging and the filters allow more protection.
  • I use extra soft cosy ear loops that are adjustable - they feel like clouds on your ears and will never ever irritate. I started off using a harder elastic and I see a lot of masks with that type still being used but switched over to these once I realised how uncomfortable that was! You can adjust it by tying it to fit you and slipping the knot back inside the seams. Adjustable silicone toggles will be on all masks from June 15th onwards (waiting on a delivery of course hehe).
  • They come in adult, child and toddler sizes. The toddler and child sizes do not have a nose wire because they're small and lovely little humans and their little faces don't need a wire to shape their mask.
  • All masks are of course unisex as we can all wear whatever we want to :)


Need to make a complaint?

As this initiative is in its very early stages, any feedback that you can provide will be very helpful in ensuring the face masks which I produce will be the best that they can be!

Please submit this form to let me know how I can improve.