PM2.5 Filters (Pack of 5)

Face Masks by Miriam

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 These PM 2.5 filters are considered the best on the market, and will not take any resources away from our health services who depend on the highest-quality PPE. They comprise of 5 layers of specially researched materials: non-woven material, melt blown filter cloth, activated carbon, cotton, and the size is 12 x 8.2cm, suitable for all my masks which have a double layer and filter pocket.

Fibre diameter of melt blown cloth reaches 1-5 microns, effectively filtering pm2.5 allergens, exhaust fumes, smoke, dust, pollutants and other droplets. They will not provide 100% protection against viral infections. However, they will catch any coughs, sneezes and any other droplets that leave our mouths.

The filters are NOT washable, but can be re-used for up to 7 days.


  • Helps protect the face
  • 5-layer carbon filter
  • Effectively filters PM2.5 haze, dust and other fine particles
  • Simple, effective design

Layer 1: Spunbound cloth filters the dust of micron
Layer 2: Helps filter industrial pollutants such as exhaust and secondhand smoke
Layer 3: Activated carbon cloth and benzene further filters dust microns
Layer 4: Filters even smaller materials
Layer 5: Made with spunbound cloth, assists in filtering out all kinds of harmful substances